Open(ing) Source
Is an open project initiated by
Alejandra Acosta, Diana Camacho y Andrés Burbano.

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To open the source code is one of the most significant processes in our contemporary technological landscape -the main reference is the free software culture or so called open source culture-. Opening the code means to share and to make something free. In the Open(ing) Source project what matters is to open, to share, some genetic/migratory information of the first participants of Open(ing) Source.

What we are sharing are the results of our participation in the Genographic Project -a large scale project made by National Geographic Society and IBM - the project is about genetics and the history of human migration-. The results -DNA tests- of our participation in Genographic Project are related with our "genetic markers" and how they can describe our journey as humans in this planet. We have data of thousands of years ago of our history - but what does it mean? what can we do with that information?

The explanation of the results of the test, a world map, one diploma of participation in Genographic Project as well as some personal interpretations of those documents have been packaged in a traveler box, therefore there are three boxes (as many initial participants in Open(ing) Source ). The traveler boxes are visiting different places in the world and some friends -who are receiving them by (real) mail- are doing free interpretations of that information and they are also contributing with some personal information and reflections relative to human history, genetic information, genetic art, personal history and so on. The new information is included in the box and then the box is sent again to another friend in another part of the world.

All the material of Open(ing) Source is traveling in three boxes from one place to another, if anyfriend gets the box then he/she is able to read and to see what others have done as interventions or interpretations about the results of the DNA test. Their new interpretations (experimental maps, objects, diaries, demostrations, texts, critics, sonifications, visualizations, etc) are included in the boxes.

One of those traveler boxes is now in Swansea, Wales taking part of Displace exhibition at the Glyn Vivian Art Gallery. As soon as the exhibition is over the box will go to other place, to a friend's house in the UK. Here you can have a look to some information about the box content.

Alejandra Acosta - [haplogroup A]
More information about
Alejadra's DNA test results+
Andrés Burbano - [haplogroup R1b]
More information about
Andres's DNA test results +
Diana Andrea Camacho - [haplogroup A]
More information about
Diana's DNA test results +

The traveler box with the DNA test results of Alejandra Acosta is now in Buenos Aires, Argentina.




The traveler box with the DNA test results of Andrés Burbano is now in Swansea, Wales participating in Displace Exhibition. The box contains some external contributions, one made by the composer Daniel Prieto in Bogota, and one made by the artist Camila Echeverria in San Francisco.

More information about the box content +

The traveler box with the DNA test results of Diana Camacho is now in Barcelona, Spain and now is with the artist and cultural activist Blai Mesa.


Open(ing) Source Is an open project initiated by Alejandra Acosta, Diana Camacho y Andrés Burbano

The project Open(ing)Source is not oficially related with the Genographic Project by National Geographic and IBM

Bogotá, Colombia, Universidad de los Andes - Departamento de Arte - 2005 - 2006 - 2007