Credits - Open(ing) Source

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Open(ing) Source started in 2005 at Click Clack open workshops -Workshops for unstable media- in Bogota, Colombia South America. 

The project started as a reflection on the relationship between arts and life sciences.

Open(ing) Source is an open project initiated by:

Diana Andrea Camacho   
Universidad de los Andes
Bogota, Colombia

Alejandra Acosta Viteri    
Universidad de los Andes
Bogota, Colombia

Andrés Burbano    
University of California Santa Barbara
Media Art and Technology PhD Student
California, USA

Open(ing) Source new participants:

Daniel Prieto
Bogota, Colombia
Daniel Prieto Web Site

Camila Echeverría
San Francisco, USA

Blai Mesa
Cultural Activist and Artist
Barcelona, Spain

Special thanks to:

Glyn Vivian Art Gallery
Swansea Wales

Thanks to:        

Departamento de Arte
Universidad de los Andes
Bogota, Colombia



The project Open(ing)Source is not oficially related with the Genographic Project by National Geographic and IBM

Bogotá, Colombia, Universidad de los Andes - Departamento de Arte - 2005 - 2006 -2007