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The rights of the images in the project Open(ing) Source  that are part of the Genographic Project belong to Genographic Project, that is a project by National National Geographic Society and IBM. The images reproduced here have the permission of Genographic Project for non-commercial publications purposes.

"We are glad you are pleased with your Genographic Project results. We understand that you are interested in copying and pasting some of your Genographic results and map in a non-commercial publication (example: personal website, small-press, noncommercial family history book, etc):

You have permission only to publish these files in [describe publication as requested]. Please credit the Genographic Project and NGS per the following attribution statement:

© 2005 - 2006 National Geographic Society. THE GENOGRAPHIC PROJECT, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC, and Yellow Border are trademarks of NGS. All rights reserved.

You are welcome to share informatoin with us about the Genographic Project.

With best regards,

Carol T. Young

The Genographic Project"

Thank you very much.
Open(ing) Source Crew.


The project Open(ing)Source is not oficially related with the Genographic Project by National Geographic and IBM

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