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Links and references

Genographic project // /Large scale project on genetics and human migration.

National Geographic Society /// Main responsible for the Genographic Project.

IBM - Reference to their participation in the Genographic Project /// Technical team for informatics processes.

Open Source /// Definition in Wikipedia - Free encyclopedia.

Open Source Software /// Definition in Wikipedia - Free encyclopedia.

Artists working with/about DNA. Main reference.

Eduardo Kac /// Eduardo Kac's Web Site

Transgenic Art /// Firts Transgenic Art Text published on Leonardo journal 1998.

Daniel Rivera /// "Jardín de las Delicias".

References to remarkable scientific works on genetics in Latin America

Dr. Herrera Estrella /// One of the most important scientists in Latin America.

Other scientific DNA Projects related with historical background /// DNA Ancestry Project

Important Criticism to the Genographic Project

Indigenous Peoples Council on Biocolonialism /// Website of the Indigenous Peoples Council on Biocolonialism (IPCB).

John Hawks Weblog /// Opinions of John Hawks.

Texts by Andrés Burbano on genetics and the arts in the Latin American context. /// (Only in Spanish).

Instantáneas. Estética, biología, tecnología (RES 22 - debate) ///Published in RES journal.

More references on Art projects involved with

"Heredity, Genetics & Bioengineering

(Source: Intersections of Art, Technology, Science & Culture - Links - By Stephen Wilson)

George Gessert   Iris Project, Scatter /// paradise now show Art Life  Genetics Culture site

Critical Art Ensemble  biotech /// Flesh Machine (Eugenics), Society for Reproductive Anachronisms, Cult of the New Eve (trangenic beer/wafer) alt site,  Geneterra (bacteria encoded with blood dna, release) , Contestationla Biology (reverse engineer roundup),  Free Range Grain (test food for gm attributes), Marching Plague (simulate germ warfare)  alt

Christopher Ebener & Uli Winters /// Ebener main site Byte

Gina Czarnecki's /// main stie  Silvers Alter

Joe Davis  Microvenus /// Scientific American article Davis article     alt link   Polyptycha

Jon Tower /// Gene Room

Adam Zaretsky /// Ecoli events   main site

David Kremers /// Kremers main  alt link

Knut Mork Skagen /// Drop of Blood

Gail Wight /// main site, alt site

Heather Ackroyd and Dan Harvey /// main site  Mother and Child Portrait  Sunbathers (geneitcally manipualated imagery in grass) 

Gary Schneider /// gen site  self portrait Du Seid - Blood Lines (Out of Sight show) 

Eduardo Kac /// Transgentic Art - GFP Bunny, Eighth Day

Kathy High /// Transgenic Rat Pages

Natalie Jeremijenko /// main site  OneTree official site  biotech hobyist

Beatriz DA COSTA /// Molecular invasion  Transgenetic release machine   biotech workshops

Reinhard Nestelbacher ///   Green

Karl S. Mihail & Tran T. Kim-Trang /// Gene Genies   The Creative Gene Harvest Archive

Future Physical /// biotechnology x-change
Stanza /// Genomixer (web mix chromosomes)  alt site  DNAlab

Laura Cinti /// Cactus experiments  alt site new scientist article c-lab  marsproject  (bacteria in extreme conditions)

Steve Miller /// Protemics

Chng Nai Wee /// Biotechnics, Molleculux

Marc Quinn  /// main  Molecular Self Portrait  A Genomic Portrait  DNA Garden,  statues of disabled

Heath Bunting /// Natural Reality Superweed Kit 1.0

Brandon Ballengée /// Hymenochirus Breeding . frog species reclamation From Farm 2 Pharm, Ever Changing Tide, Fort Tilden Project

Andre Brodykn /// trans genic ecoli

Jun takita /// light & dark

Koen Vanmechelen
/// Cosmopolitan Chicken Breeding  alt site

Paul Vanouse /// Latent Figure Protocol  (electphoresis affected by different methodologies) Relative Velocity Inscription Devicemain ae07

Jonathon Keats /// breeding religious bacteria  main

Georg Tremmel and Shiho Fukuhara /// Biopresence (human dna trees as memorials)  alt site

Dave Powell /// artcats (cats bred as art)

Kathleen Rogers
/// Tremor, (zebrafish genetics & development)., Cardiogenesis (genetic development of heart) Imagination of Matter /// DNA.Corn (Corn DNA)

Zbigniew Oksiuta
/// Biological Habitat: Breeding Spaces Technology, Made in Space ae07.


The project Open(ing)Source is not oficially related with the Genographic Project by National Geographic and IBM.

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